About Ghost Finder

GF2 is a new online web application designed to engage and mobilize citizens in any county to find potential ghost voters connected to a mailing address. This makes it an ideal tool for those seeking to be elected as it provids a fast way to energize their base via a grass roots effort to be part of an important voter roll clean-up effort. The current WEC database contains thousands of registrants connected to addresses where they do not reside.

To perform a search and generate a challenge letter takes about 2 minutes. No login ID or PW to remember, requires only a printer, two envelopes and ~$1 for the postage.

A challenge letter is the official method to request a municipal clerk take action to correct inaccurate data in the WEC-controlled WisVote voter roll.


Before Ghost Finder, a typical citizen was unable to produce a challenge letter for these reasons:

Steps a Candidate/Community Would Take

  1. Write a letter to the voter base explaining the current state of the WisVote data
  2. Ask them to check their own address using Ghost Finder
  3. Tell them to share the message with family and friends
Ghost Finder is free to use and we will never charge citizens for access to the data.

Steps Required to Generate a Challenge Letter

  1. Select the county
  2. Select the municipality
  3. Enter contact information (name, address, email...)
  4. Search and select electors to be challenged
  5. View and print the challenge letter
  6. Have printed copy notarized
  7. Send original to the municipal cleck with a copy to the county clerk
Once these have been mailed, the challenger can sit back and wait for a response from the municipal clerk to indicate what actions have been taken.

Using Ghost Finder, political candidates and community leaders can empower voters and generate an avalanche of valid requests to help municipal clerks address the issue of flawed WisVote data.